Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is a photo of all the freebies that I got at Rite Aid this week! Not bad, eh? I could have gotten a few more items, but I don't use disposable razors or regular light bulbs. I realize that Indiana doesn't have Rite Aid, or at least not where I'm from. But, sometimes Walgreen's has a great rebate program, too. In fact, I'll take a photo of the last Walgreen's shopping trip I took and post it later.

The two One Touch monitors you can see in the back were free because I had two "up to $20 off" coupons from the Sunday paper. The monitors sold for $19.99. I will donate them to a local healthcare assistance center.

I also plan on donating the Nature's Cure acne solution and Charles Worthington shampoo (for color-treated hair) to a local homeless shelter.

The remainder of the items, B & I can use at home. Let me know if you have any fun shopping moments! My next few posts I plan on answering some questions about coupon websites, and whether I think it's less expensive to use coupons or buy the store's generic products. You may be surprised! : )

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