Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City Liquidation

Well...this isn't really happy news since there will be 34,000 jobs lost soon, BUT if you are in need of something electronics-related here is the Circuit City scoop:

Liquidation of the stores will begin as early as Saturday, January 17.
All sales are final (however, anything purchased prior to Jan 16th can be returned for a 14-day period for exchange or refunds).
Gift cards will be accepted at full value.
All sale prices will be at the discretion of the liquidator.

Click HERE for more information.

UPDATE: B & I visited our Circuit City yesterday (1/17), and they had a small sale 10-30% off various items: 10% or the sale price (whichever was more) on cameras & accessories, 30% on various IPod transmitters for the car, 10% off paper and ink, etc. We aren't sure if they will continue lowering the percentages, but I'll try keep you in the loop.

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