Saturday, January 24, 2009

Money Saving Websites

CELL PHONES: - Analyzes your cell phone and/or your credit card usage and matches you up to the best plans. I recently cut over $20 a month off my cell phone bill!

CREDIT CARDS:,, - Find a lower interest rate or a better rewards plan

CARS:,, - Compare local prices, find rebates and incentives for you next car purchase - Find the best cash-back fuel cards - Find the gas stations with the lowest prices in your town - Compare rates and quotes to find the best deal for you

EDUCATION: - Earn rewards to pay for school by registering credit cards, drugstore cards, using coupons, and more. Enrollment fee: Free!

SHOPPING: - find the lowest price online,, - Earn rebates while shopping online. (If you sign-up for Ebates and want to use me as the referral, please use the link on the left side of this blog, under Ebates. We'll both make $5! Thanks. : ), - Before you buy, search for coupons or promotional codes to use at checkout

GROCERIES/RESTAURANTS: - Enter your zip code to find weekly specials and coupons at supermarkets in your area - Receive $25 gift certificates for only $10 for restaurants in your area (check the left side of my blog for weekly updates and sales up to 80% off!). - Find local kids-eat-free deals!,, and all the other recipe websites out there - Don't buy cookbooks, just look recipes up online

More to come...

Thanks to All You magazine for many of these websites!

2 comments: said...

A very popular site you may want to add to your kids eat free section is:

Sorted by day of the week and offers user confirmed locations!

Kitty :)

Penelope said...

Those websites are really money saving.!! is a website where you can find coupon codes for just about your shopping.